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Pithiviers, 20 minutes from the hotel

In the Centre-Val de Loire region

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In the north of the Centre-Val de Loire region, 20 km from our hotel, Pithiviers is a pretty little town that is well worth a visit. Founded by the Gauls and fortified by the Romans, it developed throughout time and became an important trading centre as can be seen from Saint-George’s fair, which has been held there for over a thousand years. Strolling through the old town centre, take in a rich cultural and architectural heritage.

Ardoise Château is of particular interest: built in the 16th century and with a roof in the shape of ship’s hull, it was one of the first châteaux to be tiled with slate in Pithiviers. Then, admire the 17th century Bellecour Château, Saint-Salomon and Saint-Grégoire church with its superb 50-stop organ, the Hôtel-Dieu, or the remains of Saint-Georges collegiate church. Amateurs of old trains should treat themselves to a trip to the town’s transport museum, which houses a collection of steam-powered and diesel-powered locomotives.

Hotel Malesherbes

Gourmet dining in Pithiviers

Culinary specialities aplenty

It is difficult to mention Pithiviers without immediately thinking of the famous eponymous pie, stuffed with almond paste. While it is now made with a puff pastry, its origins date back to well before when this type of pastry was invented, in the 18th century. Indeed a version with icing and without puff pastry still exists. This is known as “Pithiviers fondant”. Make the most of your visit to this town to sample other local specialities: Bondaroy au foin also known as Pithiviers au foin, a soft cheese, and croquignoles, little crunchy biscuits.

Hotel Malesherbes

Pithiviers - a lively town

Saint-Georges Fair, the markets…

Pithiviers undoubtedly owes its name to the Gaulish term “petuarios” meaning “four”, in reference to the number of roads that used to lead to major cities: Orléans, Reims, Rennes and Sens. Pithiviers was able to make the most of its location at this crossroads by developing trading activities and organising many markets and fairs. Among these, St-Georges fair has survived throughout the centuries and remains a high point of the Pithiviers calendar. It takes place in April, bringing together artisans and tradespeople with its regional specialities market, fair rides and concerts.

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