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Hotel Malesherbes

Discover Malesherbes

from our charming hotel at the heart of town

Hotel Malesherbes

In the upper valley of Essonne, Malesherbes is a pretty little town in Loiret, on the border between Seine-et-Marne and Essonne.

Surrounded by woodland and green spaces, it offers visitors the opportunity to explore the many paths that criss-cross the region to discover the rich flora of Malesherbes, long known as a place of interest to botanists.

Just five minutes’ drive from the hotel, the leisure and outdoor activity centre at Buthiers offers a wide choice of sports and activities for the whole family: adventure park, bouldering, mountain biking, mini-golf, archery, laser quest, ice skating rink, pool with water games...

Near Malesherbes, treat yourself to an excursion to Pithiviers to taste its famous fondant cake, to Fontainebleau for its palace and its superb forest or Melun to take in its old town centre.

Hotel Malesherbes

Visit Malesherbes

A journey through time

During your stay at our charming hotel, you’ll have the opportunity to discover the town’s rich cultural and architectural heritage: Malesherbes château, Rouville château, Saint-Martin church, the dolmen stone at Mailleton… 

Hotel Malesherbes

The Loiret region

Excursions near Paris

70 km south of Paris, the Loiret region invites you to discover a verdant countryside that was always held in high regard by French royalty. On the programme: visit the châteaux, abbeys, basilicas, charming little villages, but also trek through the forests, woodland, valleys and along the rivers. 

Hotel Malesherbes


With its extraordinary palace, its vast forest and legendary riding centres, Fontainebleau is a destination not to be missed during a stay at our hotel.

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within a 40 km radius

Hotel Malesherbes


45 minutes from Malesherbes

Fall in love with Melun’s rich heritage! Admire Notre-Dame collegiate church, Saint-Sauveur priory, Saint-Aspais Gothic church, and don't forget to sample its famous Brie.

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Malesherbes Château

3 minutes’ walk from the hotel

Open to the public in July and August, Malesherbes château is sure to impress with the beauty of its main building, its ancient outbuildings full of character, and its extraordinary natural surroundings.

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20 minutes from Malesherbes

Make the most of your stay in Malesherbes with a visit to Pithiviers. Sample its famous cake and admire its rich cultural and architectural heritage.

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